Accident Information System

Consia Consultants have been working for more than 10 years with improving the road safety situation in a number of countries. We have found that one of the prerequisites for targeted interventions in the field is access to complete, reliable and detailed information on road accidents.

Road traffic accidents can be drastically reduced if more effective awareness is established. One of the fundamental tools in doing so is accurate data where the accidents occur, what type of accidents, time of day and week, etc.

The consequences of poor reporting are that the statistics and reports will be misleading at best, and sometimes straight out faulty.

Valid data enables Decision Makers, Police Officers and Road Safety Engineers to target any interventions and financial spending towards meaningful preventive actions. Consia has developed a modern Accident Information System (AIS) that can assist countries in doing just that.

Consia Consultants have been working for more than 10 years with improving the road safety situation in a number of countries. We have found that one of the prerequisites for targeted interventions in the field is access to complete, reliable and detailed information on road accidents.

modern web-based system

The AIS is modern web-based system that can be accessed from any location via the internet. This goes for data-entry as well as for statistics and reports that the system generates. Further, through the use of GPS the system can pin‐point the exact location of accidents and provide valuable information to what caused the accident. The AIS has been tested and implemented in Indonesia - with great success.

The data entry procedure is made easier for the Police Officer who fill out the accident report forms as Consia has developed a set of pictograms that covers the most common causes of road accidents.

Instead of creating hand-drawn illustrations, which gives room for misunderstandings and inconsistencies, the officers can select a suitable pictogram. This makes the process easier and faster, and most importantly: using these types of uniform data systems makes the compilation of accident types easier and consistent.

The data entered into the system by Police Officers provides the basis for cross-tabulations, which in turn enable the provision of statistics and data reports. These include daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports a, which can be measured up against each other to identify progress, trends and patterns of change. The Reports can be tailored to match specific requirements research purposes.

The AIS systems user friendly reporting capabilities can thus be used to inform other key stakeholders about the status of the road safety and form the basis for constructive discussions, targeted interventions and legislative regulations.


Most importantly, the system has been tested and implemented and can be tailored to national requirements.

The Consia AIS is made with a generic system base, which can be developed and tailor-made to match specific requirements in any country in the World as no two countries are completely the same with respect to traffic composition, reporting requirements and accident patterns.

It is our experience from implementing the AIS in a number of cases that data in existing accident databases can easily be migrated to the new AIS database.

The system is also capable to connect to other systems such as driver licence register, vehicle registration database or a database on violations. In this way the police need for example only to register the number plate of the vehicle and can then retrieve more detailed information from the vehicle registration database such as mark and model and chassis number.

We would like to emphasise that the system we propose allows incorporating other user groups as deemed relevant by the Police.

The system will facilitate the work of the Police and will enable the use of data for preparing enforcement strategies and for planning targeted interventions. Moreover, the system can make it easier for the Police to prepare documentation for court cases.

Consia can therefore offer a future proof system that ensures that the compilation of accident data is easier, more consistent, with better quality and less risk of error. It also easily dialogues with other systems.


Today, Traffic Police around the World typically collects data from an accident scene by filling out paper forms, sometimes in conflicting formats. The data entry on paper is time consuming and tedious and the Police officer often has to re-enter every collected piece of information to the PC at the Police Station. This often results in mistakes and severe under-reporting.

Consia has therefore initiated a research program intending to change the circumstances of data- reporting from the paper forms into a modern Tablet System. The Tablet has an integrated 360o camera and GPS will ensure automatic registration of the location. Furthermore, the Tablet will guide the police through the process avoiding mistakes or forgetting inputs.

The Tablet solution therefore eliminates redundancy in police operations, increases the quality, consistency and detail of data, and provides pictures that enables the Police or researchers to study the accident scene again from different angles at later stages if more information is needed.

Advantages and opportunities of the AIS is:


Resource savings


Increased reliability and validity of data


Decreased under-reporting


Effective data management


Easy production of statistics and reports


Effective identification of targeted interventions


Effective monitoring and evaluation


Increased job-satisfaction